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Friday22 October 2021

Intel Xeon Phi™ is in Singapore!

Get an instant boost in performance for your highly-parallel applications by simply recompiling them

Xeon Phi™ usage models benefits:


Multicore Hosted Model: in multicore computing, general-purpose serial and parallel computing are supported main(), and a work function foo() run on the multicore.
Offload Model: for codes with highly-parallel phases, main(), with the program’s serial code fragments, may run on the multicore, whereas a parallelizable work function foo() may execute on many-core. This is called the offload model foo() may still execute on the multicore, for cases where   the ratio of communication to computation is low, such that offload would be inefficient. The multicore cores are still the ranks for MPI.
Symmetric Model: the same program may run on either multicore or many-core. This is suitable for codes with balanced needs.
Many-core Hosted Model: at the other end of the spectrum, highly- parallel codes can run main() and foo() entirely on many-core. Each many- core may be treated as an MPI rank in that model. This execution model is sometimes referred to as native.
Reverse Offload Model: this model supports the case where there are highly-parallel codes with serial phases. The highly-parallel codes are run entirely on the many-core and the serial phases on multicore.

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