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Saturday29 January 2022

Special Promo for ANSYS Customers: up to 2.2x higher performance



NOVATTE is pleased to offer a limited time (through June 27, 2015), limited volume special promotion for the Intel® Xeon Phi™ Coprocessor 3120A (6GB, 1.100 GHz, 57 core) and 7120A (16GB, 1.238 GHz, 61 core). ANSYS developers can cost-effectively purchase and upgrade systems to get greater levels of performance! 
ANSYS and Intel worked closely together to deliver up to 2.2x (1) higher performance, for ANSYS Mechanical* R16.0,  by optimizing the application code for the multi-core Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 v2 and v3 families and the many-core Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessor. The combination offers tremendous performance potential for structural mechanics simulations, at relatively low cost and without altering the end-user experience or complicating the IT environment.




NOVATTE M702 is 2 times faster than HP Z420 for Siemens NX


Our client conducted independent tests of NOVATTE M702. The results shows that M702 is almost 2 times faster than HP Z420 for Siemens NX!


Testing environment NOVATTE M702 HP Z420
Processor 4.3GHz 3.6GHz
Memory 8GB 8GB
Graphic card NVIDIA Quadro K2200 NVIDIA Quadro K2000
Data drive 1TB 1TB

Test Results (higher is better) NOVATTE M702
HPC Z420
M702 advantage

Graphics Composite

3.48 2.09 1.67

Shaded Composite

4.56 2.08 2.19

Wireframe Composite

1.83 2.26 0.81

Lights + Edges Composite

3.02 2.06 1.47

Transparency Composite

3.60 1.97 1.83

Average Graphical Results

2.09 1.59



CPU Composite

4.08  1.92  2.13 

I/O Composite

3.59  1.73  2.08 



TOTAL (Graphics, CPU and I/O)

3.66  1.91  1.93 


NX-M702   NX-Z420 
(Screenshots provided by client) 

Outstanding M702 architecture makes M702 to be twice as fast as Z420! What does it mean for the companies that use Siemens NX for product development and modeling?


5 reasons to upgrade your workstation to M702 for Siemens NX

1. M702 increase your productivity by 93%
Your engineers can now perform exactly the same job but almost 2 times faster! Faster project execution --> more projects finished in the same time frame --> more revenue to the company!

2. Pays for itself
To illustrate advantage of NOVATTE M702 eXXtreme Workstation let’s take a look on a typical workflow of a Siemens NX designer who currently uses HP Z420 with 3.6GHz processor. 

Let's assume it takes on average 5 minutes for designer to open an assembly and designer opens an assembly 6 times a day. Let’s also assume that designer needs to rebuild assembly 6 times a day and each time it takes 5 minutes per rebuild. This workflow generates 60 minutes (1 hour) of waiting time each day.

Finally, let’s assume that your Siemens NX designer has 3-4 year of experience and his monthly salary is $7,000 ($36.5 per hour).

1. Every year you pay your Siemens NX engineer $10,512 for just waiting!
24 working days x 1 hour waiting time x $36.5 = $876 / month
$876 x 12 months = $10,512 / year

2. Because M702 is 93% faster than HP Z420, you can save up to $5,446 every year by simply changing your infrastructure to M702s
$10,512 - ($10,512 / 1.93) = $5,446

3. Total savings for 3 years (assuming useful life of workstation is 3 years) by adopting M702 will reach $16,338
$5,446 x 3 = $16,338 total 3Y savings

Can you imagine, that by simply changing your “one-size-fit-all” workstations to NOVATTE M-series products you get their full price back in much less than 3 years?

3. Comes with NOVATTE Legendary technical support
We know exactly what NOVATTE product you use with what software. When you call NOVATTE for the support – you straight away get to the leaving and breathing engineer, who will immediately be able to address your issues. 

4. Always in stock
Because our products have a single architecture, we almost always have them in stock. Forget about long lead times, get your hands on NOVATTE workstation tomorrow!

5. Made in Singapore!

Made-in-Singapore Last but not least - NOVATTE engineering, sales, manufacturing and support are all located in Singapore, ensuring that 100% of your money stays in Singapore and works for Singapore economy.




3 reasons to convert your HPC infrastructure to Tesla K80s today

We run extensive testing of K80s using GROMACS MD App. We used 4 different GROMACS models to run the comparison. And we do want to share our findings with you.


GROMACS models we used for the tests:
1.96pope + 32popg in water
2.ADH Cubic (ftp://ftp.gromacs.org/pub/tmp/adh_cubic.tar.bz2)
4.B. subtilis model membrane


G10 HPC infrastructure we used for the test:
1)Next gen. G10 HPC based on NVIDIA Tesla K80
2)Current gen. G10 HPC based on NVIDIA Tesla K20

 3 reasons why you should consider upgrading to G10 HPC based on Tesla K80 starting from today:

1. New G10 is 2 times faster
You’ll need 2-times smaller K80-based system to get the same performance as with K20-based system.



2. With G10 you save ~36% on CAPEX
Even though new Tesla K80 GPUs are more expensive than Tesla K20s, the cumulative effect of building G10 HPC system on K80s result in ~36% fund savings comparing to the system of the same performance built on Tesla K20s. In other words the cost of research just became more than 1/3 cheaper!


3. With G10 you save ~43% on electricity and cooling
We compared the power consumption of both systems under load and the resulting data showed that Tesla K80 based G10 consumes almost half of the electricity than the Tesla K20 based system!


The next gen. G10 is not only twice as fast as the current gen. systems, but also is much more affordable. The cost of running new G10 is almost half of that of the current gen. New G10 consumes twice as less rack space and is a state of engineering art and technological progress. 

2.7x performance speed up for Media & Entertainment Applications

Last month NVIDIA introduced a New-Generation of NVIDIA QUADRO K420 | K620 | K2200 | K4200 | K5200 cards. One reason for the upgrade is that New-Generation QUADRO cards are up to 2.7x faster on modelling and rendering (while having the same price as the previous generation cards). It means that you spend only 55 minutes for a job, where previously you would spend 148.5 minutes (~2.5 hours). Here is NVIDIA slide summarising the performance benefits across the product line:

new quadro


Another reason for the upgrade is that Maya and 3ds Max work up to 80% faster on New-Generation QUADROs comparing to Quadros of previous generation, and allow to load 2x times larger models into the graphic card memory freeing other Workstations resources and eliminating unnecessary swap files.
So by simply upgrading your graphic cards to NEW QUADROs (at about ~10% of workstation cost) - you may get an instant increase in Autodesk/Maya (and dozens of other M&E apps) performance using your current workstation! And the best news, we can give new QUADRO cards for your for a test-drive free-of-charge (as we are the first company in Singapore who started to install new QUADROs in our systems).

new quadro spedup


You may find more information and specs on NEW QUADRO cards on NVIDIA website or here.
Should you have more questions about Quadro performance or test-drive, please contact us.


JA Minisite

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