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Thursday01 October 2020

Farm in the cloud

Farm in the cloud. Cloud computing KPI for farm management.

Farm-in-the-cloudFarm in the cloud

Today is Friday. That’s why we will speak about nonstandard usage of #Cloud Computing.

I believe that most of NOVATTE’s blog readers like cats and kittens (because they are so cute!). Fewer readers like dogs (they are not as adorable as kittens, however are rather pleasant animals).

But who likes cows?Exactly – farmers do!

And here comes a fair question: “But how is it related toCloud Computing”?

As you might know farming is not only pet loving stuff; farmers – are the people who make their living by growing, milking and selling cows and other breeds of livestock.

Farming is a very complex business – it has a lot of risk involved and sometimes it is even hard to predict the potential income. That’s why businessman as well as farmers always try to analyse and predict the possible outcome (at least for those that can be predicted).

And here is the result: Farmeron, a start-up that helps farmers to evaluate data (e.g. milking, weight, reproduction rate) does it now in the cloud. This cloud service helps farmers to manage their farming data online and to do the farm performance analysis using the KPI Dashboards. It also helps farmers to create profiles of their cattle and add some information such as: cow photo, name, health data (EVEN relationship status:-p).

For now, this service is only focused on dairy and beef cow. For example there is a robotic milking “parlours” that collects and sends the data on how much milk each cow is producing. Farmers can also track how much they’re feeding each animal and compare their investments with milking outcome, in order to evaluate #ROI (“ROI for cows?”, welcome to the XXI century!  ). Company founders believe that this software could help farmers to cut short the time spent on the analysis from 90 to 30 minutes – and they are aiming to bring it down to ZERO in the future. I think this is great good news for 134 million farms around the globe that have Internet access.

I believe that this kind of cloud services facilitate and make our job easier in farming as well as any other industry. And that is great beacsue the number of population increases every year and a bottle of good and fresh milk is exactly what we need in the end of the working week;)

JA Minisite

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