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Friday22 October 2021

HPC As A Service

HPC As A Service
, discover its advantages today!

I would like to start off by citing the statement used in one of IDC’s industry reports that clearly highlights the importance of HPC sector in the modern society:

“Today, to Out-Compute is to Out-Compete”

I believe that this quote brings to our attention the fact that nowadays HPC is not only used by the government or large scientific groups but is well on its way to being an indispensable tool for SMEs and business of all kinds. Every day we see more and more professionals across numerous industries like Oil & Gas, Finance, Capital Markets enquiring about the potential advantages of HPC to their particular firm or enterprise.

And this is only the beginning, according to many recent reports the need for High Performance Computing will continue to grow. Analysts from Gartner, for example, expect worldwide IT spending to total of $3.7 trillion in 2013, which is 4.2 percent up on 2012 spending, however especial expansion has been predicted for Cloud Computing.

In the past few years we could see a number of small, medium as well as large companies suffering from the recession, as the outcome current economic conditions force them to maintain capital spending restrictions even in mission critical areas such as HPC.

However, regardless the spending limits, companies will continue to seek the access to HPC resources to keep up with their constantly growing computational demands. Meeting these demands and keeping pace with the latest technologies has never been more imperative then it is now as it allows enterprises to grow and maintain competitive advantage.

Before a company acquires a cluster or a server, every Manager considers:

1. Spending on Compute Resources, the initial capital investment for servers and infrastructure can start from around $100K and grow quickly as more advanced functionally becomes necessary.
2. Expenses on technical personnel required to maintain the system.
3. Requirements to keep your systems up-to-date with the latest technologies.
4. Need for remote collaboration, it is very common for large and medium enterprises to have offices in different countries and even continents as the outcome managers are obliged to deliver required compute resources to not just one but several offices.

And here comes the Solution to all of the above mentioned head-aches: NODE ( NOVATTE On-Demand Environment).

What is NODE?

NODE offers a high-performance, on-demand, scalable HPC computing environment that is accessible from your workstation, laptop or even your iPod. NODE provides you with instant access to NOVATTE HPC Cluster in a cloud with pay-as-you-use model.

What are the benefits:
1. No need to invest in the hardware
2. Instant access from anywhere
3. Pre-compiled, pre-configured and optimized for maximum performance of HPC applications.
4. No additional expenses on the maintenance and management of the cluster
5. Flexible scalability
6. Access to latest technologies
7. Pay for the time you use model

In response to numerous requests, our technical team has put together a report of running AMBER on NODE, results are available below.


If you would like to test NODE and feel its actual benefit, simply drop us a note at @ nоdе@nоvаttе.com.

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