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Tuesday07 December 2021

Are you BIM-ready?

bim processThe term BIM or Building Information Modelling was invented by Autodesk in the year 2002 to define an innovative approach to building design and construction. Unlike CAD, BIM is a single, 3D shared model. It contains physical, environmental, commercial and operational databases that interact with each other. 

Because of its main feature - a three-dimensional capacity – all the components of the design idea can be easily viewed and examined; and BIM elements are actually the simulations of building components. As the result BIM provides builders, designers and developers with a great opportunity to explore the building project digitally, before it has been built.

There are a number of benefits that BIM brings to the companies: like greater integration and collaboration; it improves coordination of design and helps to avoid project delays due to early clash detection during building construction; reduces time spent on construction documentation; updates the model with real-time information on actual performance through the life of the building; saves costs and resources.

One of the famous examples of the implementation of BIM technologies is Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. The structure of the MBS was designed to withstand strong winds and vibration caused by people movement as well as to provide maximum comfort to the guests. The task was successfully accomplished with a combination of innovative approaches to engineering and adopted innovative 3D modelling technologies, which were especially valuable in the engineering of the project’s multifaceted structural steelwork in a short timeframe (@4, ARUP). The Singapore’s government is applying a strong mandate for BIM, giving financial incentives to those willing to be the early pathfinders, with the goal of increased industry adoption, and ultimately full BIM submissions, by 2015. 


Reference: @4 Cities Edition (2012). Australia: ARUP, www.arup.com


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