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Tuesday07 December 2021

NVIDIA GRID Product Launch Singapore



During this event NVIDIA and NOVATTE will give an overview on NVIDIA GRID™ technology, run a real-time demo of NovaSTACK Visual Computing Appliance powered by NVIDIA GRID™ and demonstrate what benefits Your organization can achieve by adopting NovaSTACK.

Date: 7th November 2013
Furama RiverFront Hotel 



Uncover new possibilities never available before:

- NVIDIA® Quadro® workstation-class graphics performance delivered remotely for up to 8 concurrent users over the local area network
- Graphics-demanding applications (Adobe, Autodesk, SolidWorks, etc.) running on either Mac, Linux or Windows computer
- Collaborative workflow platform that enables Engineers and Designers to work together, using centralized media, virtually across any network

Find out the value propositions that these possibilities bring to Your organization:

- Build teams based on talent, not location
- Fully utilize your CAD/CAE and Media Software apps licenses by delivering unrestricted remote workstation-class performance 
- Boost productivity by allowing Designers and Engineers to collaborate remotely on projects - with quick access to the necessary applications and files, new projects can get started     immediately – reducing time, money and frustration
- Increase security to protect your designs and IP - data files never leave your organization's server room, and even USB ports on remote access client devices can be blocked 
- Reduce electricity bills by more than 2.5x times

Get first-hand consultations from NVIDIA and NOVATTE on:

- What benefits can Your organization get by adopting NovaSTACK
- Why NovaSTACK is easier to maintain than a number of stand-alone Workstations
- How easy it is to provision additional seats for Designers and Engineers when NovaSTACK is already implemented



- IT Managers, CIOs, CTOs
- CAD/CAE Designers
- Creative Directors
- CEOs, Business Owners



Higher Education
- Manufacturing 
- Government
- Media & Entertainment 
- Oil & Mining 
- Healthcare


Join this seminar to learn more about NVIDIA GRID & NovaSTACK and how can YOUR organization benefit from them. Register now!

*Limited seats available, book now to avoid disappointment.

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