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Saturday29 January 2022

5 reasons why Autodesk running on NovaSTACK virtual workstations is a Game Changer in 2014



NovaSTACK is a powerful, GPU-based system which runs complex design and engineering applications and sends their graphics output over the network to be displayed on a client computer. This remote GPU acceleration gives users the same rich graphics experience they would get from an expensive, dedicated PC under their desk.


1.  Synchronize data.
Designers and engineers now have a remote access to all the necessary data files. This eliminates the need of uploading and downloading the data from remote server to local devices.

2. Increase IP protection and security.
Core IP & data files are accessed remotely via Client devices and never leave the server room where NovaSTACK is installed. Clients serve as stateless devices on which you can lock USB ports for enhanced security.

"GRID VCA will provide tremendous functionality and performance for our small business customers. It delivers easy, high performance GPU access to our applications for the highest quality design and visualization experience."
— Carl Bass, president and CEO, Autodesk

3. Decrease production cost.
Access your Autodesk Software from anywhere. New designers and offshore talents can instantly get onboard with quick access to all the necessary applications and production files.

4. Simple to maintain and manage.
NovaSTACK simplifies management of Autodesk workstations: manage only one master template and deliver information to multiple users.

5. Work on 30" monitors.
NovaSTACK client supports up to 30” monitors with native 2560x1600 resolution.

Watch the video of  Autodesk AutoCAD with NVIDIA GRID and NovaSTACK:


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