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Tuesday07 December 2021

NOVATTE M702 is tested to be almost 2 times faster than HP Z420 for SolidWorks!

Yes, now it’s confirmed that NOVATTE M702 is the Asia’s Fastest Workstation for SolidWorks!


We used official SolidWorks Performance Test for the benchmark. We took HP Z420 configuration that is recommended by HP to the SolidWorks users. We simply matched Z420s specs for M702 and ran the SolidWorks official benchmark test. Take a look at the result: 

Processor 4.4GHz 3.7GHz
Memory 16GB 16GB
Graphic card NVIDIA Quadro K2000 NVIDIA Quadro K2000
Data drive 1TB 1TB
Results: M702 is almost twice as fast as HP Z420!
Overall 46.2 sec 85.8 sec
CPU 25.6 sec 47.0 sec
Graphics 7.5 sec 11.7 sec
I/O 13.1 sec 27.1 sec
Render 6.7 sec 21 sec



The outstanding M702 architecture makes M702 to bit Z420 on all parameters! What does it mean for the companies that use SolidWorks for product development and modeling?


5 reasons to change your workstation to NOVATTE M702 for SolidWorks


1. M702 increase your productivity by 85%
Your engineers can now perform exactly the same job but 85% faster! Faster project execution --> more projects finished in the same time frame --> more revenue to the company!

2. Pays for itself
To illustrate advantage of NOVATTE M702 eXXtreme Workstation let’s take a look on a typical workflow of a SolidWorks designer who currently uses HP Z420 with E5-1620v2 3.7GHz processor. 

Let's assume it takes on average 5 minutes for designer to open an assembly and designer opens an assembly 6 times a day. Let’s also assume that designer needs to rebuild assembly 6 times a day and each time it takes 5 minutes per rebuild. This workflow generates 60 minutes (1 hour) of waiting time each day.

Finally, let’s assume that your SolidWorks designer has 3-4 year of experience and his monthly salary is $7,000 ($36.5 per hour).

1. Every year you pay your SolidWorks engineer $10,512 for just waiting!
24 working days x 1 hour waiting time x $36.5 = $876 / month
$876 x 12 months = $10,512 / year

2. Because M702 is 85% faster than HP Z420, you can save up to $4,830 every year by simply changing your infrastructure to M702s
$10,512 - ($10,512 / 1.85) = $4,830

3. Total savings for 3 years (assuming useful life of workstation is 3 years) by adopting M702 will reach $14,490
$4,830 x 3 = $14,490 total 3Y savings

Can you imagine, that by simply changing your “one-size-fit-all” workstations to NOVATTE M-series products you get their full price back in much less than 3 years?


3. Comes with NOVATTE Legendary technical support
We know exactly what NOVATTE product you use with what software. When you call NOVATTE for the support – you straight away get to the leaving and breathing engineer, who will immediately be able to address your issues. 

4. Always in stock
Because our products have a single architecture, we almost always have them in stock. Forget about long lead times, get your hands on NOVATTE workstation tomorrow!

5. Made in Singapore!

Made-in-Singapore Last but not least - NOVATTE engineering, sales, manufacturing and support are all located in Singapore, ensuring that 100% of your money stays in Singapore and works for Singapore economy.

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