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Monday25 May 2020

2.7x performance speed up for Media & Entertainment Applications

Last month NVIDIA introduced a New-Generation of NVIDIA QUADRO K420 | K620 | K2200 | K4200 | K5200 cards. One reason for the upgrade is that New-Generation QUADRO cards are up to 2.7x faster on modelling and rendering (while having the same price as the previous generation cards). It means that you spend only 55 minutes for a job, where previously you would spend 148.5 minutes (~2.5 hours). Here is NVIDIA slide summarising the performance benefits across the product line:

new quadro


Another reason for the upgrade is that Maya and 3ds Max work up to 80% faster on New-Generation QUADROs comparing to Quadros of previous generation, and allow to load 2x times larger models into the graphic card memory freeing other Workstations resources and eliminating unnecessary swap files.
So by simply upgrading your graphic cards to NEW QUADROs (at about ~10% of workstation cost) - you may get an instant increase in Autodesk/Maya (and dozens of other M&E apps) performance using your current workstation! And the best news, we can give new QUADRO cards for your for a test-drive free-of-charge (as we are the first company in Singapore who started to install new QUADROs in our systems).

new quadro spedup


You may find more information and specs on NEW QUADRO cards on NVIDIA website or here.
Should you have more questions about Quadro performance or test-drive, please contact us.


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