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Friday22 October 2021

Case study

The Fraunhofer IDM@NTU (former CAMTech, NTU) is a joint research and development centre between the Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics (Fraunhofer IGD) of Darmstadt, Germany and the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) of Singapore. The Fraunhofer IDM was established to conduct R&D activities in the broad technological area of advanced media. It focuses on applied R&D projects that are relevant to the immediate and future needs of Singapore and the region. Located on the NTU campus, the Fraunhofer IDM taps on the resources, expertise and R&D results from both IGD and NTU, fostering strong ties through research collaborations.



the Fraunhofer IDM@NTU (former CAMTech, NTU)
Researh, Government & Education
Deployment country:
GPU Computing
Technology Partner:

Business need

The Fraunhofer IDM conduct applied R&D projects in technological area of advanced media. The Centre hosts undergraduate and postgraduate students to participate in the R&D projects carried out at the centre. The Fraunhofer IDM team has researched extensively into computational biology and bio-informatics related projects, using the CUDA programming model to run computational experiments.


CUDA applications were tested and deployed on NOVATTE M40 Personal Supercomputers and G10K GPU Cluster Appliance. Built on the revolutionary massively parallel CUDA architecture and harnessing the power of the GPU technology, these solutions dramatically decrease applications runtime.

NOVATTE solution for NTU consists of a high-performance G10K GPU Cluster and M40 Personal Supercomputers accelerated by NVIDIA Tesla GPU cards. The cluster system is built on blocks consisted of NOVATTE Twin computing servers running 2 AMD Shanghai 4-Core processors and NVIDIA Tesla S1070 server. The cluster runs following software installed and tuned by NOVATTE team: Linux, RocksCluster, OFED, OpenMPI and Nvidia CUDA.

Solution at a glance:

1 x NOVATTE tailor-made G10K GPU Cluster (Peak Performance of 9TFlops)
4 x M40 Personal Supercomputers

Business Benefits

After accessing customer needs, NOVATTE specified the most appropriate configurations to meet the business requirements of the Fraunhofer IDM and provided the most cost-effective and scalable solution. Customization of all hardware and software according to customer requirements provided Fraunhofer IDM team with great value.

Being a single point of contact for the cluster procurement project, NOVATTE allows the Fraunhofer IDM researchers concentrate on their work, leaving system support and maintenance to our expertise.

Some of the applications developed and tested by Nanyang Technological University on NOVATTE platforms:


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