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Saturday18 November 2017

Lustre Storage Administration training

3-day Course

The goal of this course is to provide practical Lustre file system storage admininstration experience. Using educational best practices, we provide a framework that presents the big picture first and then introduces components one by one, with each lesson built upon the last. This includes both well structured and organized lectures as well as easy-to-follow yet in-depth lab exercises. Topics are first presented from the instructor; students then work through our rigorous examples with the instructor present to answer questions as needed.

Training sessions occur over four days and emphasize practical skills aimed directly at students skill level and their current clustered computing environment. After an overview of Lustre and its architecture, designing and installing Lustre systems and clients using NOVATTE Lustre Appliance (NLA) and NOVATTE HPC Cluster appliances is covered. Hands on labs are used so all participants in the class can build their own Lustre file system under the instructor’s guidance. Administering, tuning, and troubleshooting are covered. The sessions are purposely more than just lecturing. Participants build Lustre systems themselves, right there in the classroom, with ample chance to break things and start over.

Below are the topics covered in NOVATTE Lustre Storage Administration training course:

3-day: 1/2 lectures and 1/2 labs
- Introduction to Lustre
- Lustre Storage Components
- Lustre Networking (with Lab)
- Installing Lustre (Labs cover MGS, MDS, OSS, Co-located MGT/MDT)
- File Striping Policies (Lab for both Administrative & Client roles)
- OST Pools (Lab for both Administrative & Client roles)
- Lustre Quotas (Lab for both Administrative & Client roles)
- Backing Up and Restoring Lustre (Labs include POSIX ACLs, Striping, OST Pools, Quotas, LVM snapshots)
- High Availability Lustre (Labs for Lustre Failover & Recovery "deep dive", Heartbeat and Corosync/Pacemaker)
- Advanced Lustre Networking (Labs for Interface Bonding, Lustre Routers and "Dual Rail" configurations)
- Troubleshooting Lustre (Labs, limited in scope)
- Tuning Lustre (Labs, limited in scope)


JA Minisite

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