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Tuesday07 December 2021

BAS - Backup and Archive Storage

NOVATTE BAS is a low-cost HDD-based backup and archiving storage alternative to traditional Tape Library storage systems.

BAS Benefits
Price: up to 46% < traditional Tape Library Storage
Performance: instant data access, faster backup and recovery time
Density: up to 1.6PB usable space in 42U rack
Data protection: RAID 60 with optional configurations, spare drives for immediate rebuilt

BAS Architecture
BAS-rack      BAS-536-architecture

BAS XFS Front Server

XFS is scalable high performance journaling file system which is very proficient at handling large files.
All volumes from the storage array and its JBODs are visible in BAS XFS Front Server and each is formatted into XFS filesystem. Each server has 9 or more XFS volumes, approximately 60TB each  (different options are possible, for instance a single XFS file system with combining all volumes with LVM).

BAS 715TB / 536TB
BAS 715TB consists of 4 modules and BAS 536TB consists of 3 single-controller modules.
Each module consists of 3 x RAID 60 blocks.
Each RAID 60 blocks consists of two striped RAID6 groups.
Two hot spare disks are added to each BAS module to provide instant HDD rebuild in case of disk failure.

BAS has two Storage module types

        BAS 715 BAS 536
       BAS-715  BAS-536
Rack units

16U w/o Front Server
18U w/o Front Server

12 w/o Front Server
14 w/o Front Server
Usable Capacity (TB) 715TB 536TB
Number of controllers Standard: One controller, 4GB Cache
Optional: Redundant controllers, 4GB Cache per controller
Network uplinks Option 1: 2 x 6Gb SAS
Option 2: 4 x 8Gb Fibre Channel per controller
Warranty Standard: 1 Year, Next Business Day
Optional: upgrade to 3 Year, Next Business Day



JA Minisite

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