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Saturday18 November 2017

NLA - NOVATTE Lustre Storage Appliance

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In an HPC environment, compute nodes typically require a common file system for applications and tools. 
Lustre is an open standard distributed parallel file system which was purposely developed for HPC Clusters and Big Data storage systems working under Linux OS and which provides a common file system for applications and tools. 


Lustre is extremely scalable, easily can accommodate thousands of users and hundreds of storage servers, has high degree of performance, flexibility, stability and network efficiency. And it is Open Source – which means no vendor lock-in.


NLA is end-to-end Lustre Storage Appliance purposely build together by NOVATTE and Intel to ease Lustre adoption among Big Data and HPC users and community. It is high-performance, scalable, cost-effective appliance that is easy to deploy, configure and manage and comes with GUI, comprehensive Level 1 / Level 2 / Level 3 Lustre support and optional 4-days Lustre Storage Administration Training course.


NLA Performance results:
- File I/O as a percent of raw bandwidth:  ~90%
Achieved single storage module I/O:  >6 GB/sec
Achieved single client I/O:  >3 GB/sec
- Achieved aggregate I/O:  1024 GB/sec
- Metadata transaction rate:  24,000 ops/sec
- Maximum file size:  2 PB
Maximum file system size: > 512 PB
Maximum number of clients:  > 50,000
Gigantic amount of files: > 10 million files in one directory / 4 billion files in the file system.

NLA DEMO video: please enable full screen and change the video resolution to 1080p for better viewing

NLA Benefits:

Open standard: no vendor lock-in associated problems.
- Intuitive GUI: easy to use for any System Administrator.
Fully tested and certified by Whamcloud and Intel.
Very small files support: SSD-based X-series NLA modules for higher IOPS and for files <64K.
Sequential IO: continuous write-write-write-write pattern vs seek-write-seek-write common to NFS.
Linear performance scalability and capacity growth: each additional NLA storage module linearly scales performance and capacity without any interruption.
- High Availability (HA): High Availability managers allow automated failover and no single point of failure (NSPF).
Native 10GbE and InfiniBand support: no additional gateways required.
Native integration with NOVATTE Xeon Phi-based, GPU-based and CPU-pased HPC clusters: same HW architecture, interconnect, warranty and support.
Best in class Lustre technical support: NLA support is guaranteed by NOVATTE and Intel® Corporation! Be assured that original developers of Lustre file system will give you a full support in highly unlikely event of technical issue.


NLA Architecture
NLA has two major modules: Base module and Storage modules:

Base Module
NLA Base module is the heart and foundation of Lustre file system. Base module contains Metadata server pair (MDS) and initial Storage module (OSS server pair with storage). Metadata server pair orchestrates file system activity outside of the data path and is not involved in any file I/O operations, avoiding I/O scalability bottlenecks and allowing reads/writes to occur in parallel directly between compute clients and Storage modules. Such design allows to scale performance and capacity linearly simply by adding additional Storage modules to the system.


Storage Modules
NLA Storage modules contain all applications and user data, storing files as objects for optimal performance and reliability. Storage module contains OSS server pair with storage. Each Storage module provides up to 2.5GB/s of read and write throughput. You can linearly increase NLA bandwidth and capacity simply by adding additional Storage modules. 

NLA has three different Storage module types:

X-series L-series M-series
X-module Lustre copy L-module Lustre copy M-module Lustre copy

Ideal for:

High IOPS and Small files

Large to Extra Large deployments

Small to Medium deployments
Technology  Enterprise SSD HDD HDD
Usable Capacity (TB):

Option 1: 12TB
Option 2: 6TB

Option 1: 178 TB
Option 2: 134TB

Option 1: 119TB
Option 2: 89TB

Max Throughput,
Read /Write (GB/sec) 
3.0/3.0 2.5/2.0 2.0/1.8
Memory Cache (GB) 128 128 128
Rack units 4U 6U 6U
Network uplinks Native: FDR InfiniBand / QDR InfiniBand / 10GbE SFP+
Lustre support
and Warranty

Standard: 1 Year of L1/L2/L3 Lustre Support
Optional: upgrade to 3 Years of L1/L2/L3 Lustre Support 


NLA Storage Modules Upgrades:

NLA Storage modules upgrades are available so you don’t have to worry if you start with small and affordable Lustre deployment and later on decide to scale it up.


High Availability (HA)
NLA has no single point of failure (NSPF). 
- Base module and Storage modules servers work in redundant pairs in High Availability (HA) mode with Shot The Other Node In The Head protection:

     * Lustre builds in multi mount protection (MMP) to prevent two servers writing to the same targets.

     * The HA configuration eliminates the possibility of “Nodes shooting each other”. 
- All modules have redundant controllers and power supplies.
- Each Storage module consists of multiple small data blocks protected by RAID6 to maximize data availability.
- Modular structure of NLA allows easy and fast servicing in highly unlikely event of component malfunctioning.
- All NLA modules were thoroughly checked and tested by Whamcloud and Intel engineering teams to guarantee High Availability (HA) and performance figures.

Easy Management
NLA has a Lustre Central Management System (LUSIS) that is deeply integrated with Lustre. It brings together information from multiple sources to provide a unified view of what is going on in a storage system ― while vastly simplifying installation, configuration, maintenance, monitoring, and fault diagnosis. NLA central management system was jointly developed by NOVATTE and Intel.

LUSIS detects all NLAs’ shared devices and presents them in live intuitive graphs for real-time monitoring. Lustre’s command line interface is still available for power users, while the scriptable API enables enterprise scale automation.

Real-time system monitoring lets you:
- Monitor storage health and KPIs in real-time
- View high-level NLA performance or individual modules details
- Generate historical and real-time reports

Advanced troubleshooting tools provide:
- A centralized view of storage-related logs
- Intelligent log scanning for efficient debugging and analysis
- Repeatable self-test performance metrics
- Configurable event notifications

Browser-based administration provides:
- Point-and-click simplicity for NLA configuration and management – You can configure your Lustre system in minutes.
- Intuitive, rich interface – Lets you monitor and manage the whole NLA in a single view. 
- Centralized definition and management of common tasks – Your company spends less on training and use of skilled resources to manage the SLA parallel file system storage.

Automated updates provide: 
- Automated patches and security fixes 
- Protection against external threats 
- Reduced need for manual intervention and downtime


NLA Lustre Support
NLA comes with comprehensive high-quality Level 1 / Level 2 / Level 3 Lustre support from NOVATTE fully backed by engineers from Whamcloud/Intel.

If the work of your organization is important and time-critical, you will want the foremost Lustre experts standing behind you to minimize the impact to your operations of any disruption – whether due to a hardware failure, administrator error, or a software bug.

Although Lustre has a vibrant user community, for sites with stringent operational requirements, nothing beats support from expert Lustre engineers. You can find that expertise at a joint NOVATTE/Whamcloud/Intel team from the engineers who create and implement most of the new features and bug fixes landed to Lustre.

NLA Support Program Comparison Table

   Warranty    Silver   Gold   Platinum
H/W Warranty and Lustre support  1 Year  3 Years  3 Years  3 Years
On-site Installation P P P P
Telephone  and email support during business hours (8x5) P P P P
Free depot repair of returned components P P P P 
Advance shipment of replacement parts
within 2 business days of problem determination
 P  P P 
Email technical support 24x7x365  P  P  P
Telephone technical support 24x7x365  P  P
Automated system monitoring on request  P  P
Lustre Maintenance Releases Upgrades Installation  P  P
On-site parts delivery by next business day  P  P
On-site engineer by next business day  P  P
Event priority based queuing  
On-site Lustre Feature Releases Upgrades Installation  
On-site parts delivery within 4 hrs, 24x7x365  
On-site engineer within 4 hrs, 24x7x365  
Black Hole +2% of net +2% of net +2% of net +2% of net


Black Hole  
Black Hole is a secure installation site where data recording components (such as HDDs, SSDs, etc.) go in and do not come out as they have to be destroyed on site. Normally such customers require purchasing spare disk drives on additional expense to change the faulty ones, but NLA Black Hole customers are entitled for data recording components warranty replacement even without the need to return the faulty components to NOVATTE.


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