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Virtualized 3D Workstations

NovaSTACK is a cluster of virtual workstations that sits in your server room or datacenter and runs your 3D-intensive applications remotely. By providing a remote access to graphics-intensive applications, NovaSTACK increases productivity by opening up more possibilities for designers and simplifying IT setups and maintenance. 

novastack2 Work from anywhere,
on any device

It does not matter whether you use Mac, PC or Linux client device to connect to NovaSTACK – designers only see the pixels that are generated remotely by the NovaSTACK and transmitted to the client devices through the network. This gives you a possibility not only to work remotely, but also to use any device of your choice for work.

Centralize and simplify
IT management

What if you have tens of workstations with different architectures? What if they were purchased over the last 5 years from different vendors with multiple operation systems and versions of software apps? The software maintenance is a nightmare here. What if you could put that into cloud and manage all you workstations by maintaining only one single Master Template and applying it to all your workstations? Well, it has just become a reality! 

 shutterstock 100605349 - Copy
shutterstock 125411825 - Copy Keep your virtualized workstations and data
in one place

NovaSTACK represents the technology that is changing the World and the way we look at computing. It enables the new architectures of the enterprise where the data is actually in the server, we do computing in the server, and we send you the graphics results so fast that you think that those results were generated by your local super workstation with powerful Quadro K5000 graphics card located right under your desk.  

Secure your data and IP

Your core IP, data files and applications are accessed remotely via a client device of your choice, thus your Data actually never leaves the server room. You can even lock USB ports of the client devices with NovaSTACK so your data is highly unlikely to be stolen or lost.

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Supports High Availability

NovaSTACK supports the High Availability (HA) in N+1 mode. HA provides uniform failover protection against hardware and operating system outages within your virtualized workstations deployment.

Improve your productivity

NovaSTACK makes IT managers and application users more efficient promoting faster high-quality work.
You can build teams based on abilities, not geographic location. You can also decrease your production costs by outsourcing project works to offshore contractors. You can instantly get new designers and offshore talents on-board to win “last-minute projects” and eliminate missed revenue opportunities. The possibilities are truly unlimited.



How it works
User's virtual workstation resides in the NovaSTACK visual computing appliance, which is typically installed in a computer room or data center and connected to the local area network. The user logs into his virtual workstation from anywhere and any device of his choice and works like he usually work on the local High-end workstation.



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