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Tuesday07 December 2021

NVIDIA Tesla GPU cards


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for Workstations:

These Tesla cards are the cards with an active cooling heat sink to ensure proper card cooling and functioning in the workstation chassis. Workstation cases of all vendors do not have a GPU card focused airflow within a case, so GPUs with own cooling fan is a requirement.

NVIDIA® Tesla™
Brochure NVIDIA Tesla K40 Fact Sheet
Peak double precision floating 
point performance
1.43 Tflops 
Peak single precision floating 
point performance
4.29 Tflops

Memory bandwidth

388 GB/sec 

Memory size (GDDR5) 12 GB 
CUDA cores 2,880
Core clock speed 745MHz
Boost clock speed 
NEW Feature!
Could be set to 
810MHz or 875MHz
Architecture Kepler
Power Consumption 235W TDP


for Servers:

Tesla cards for Data Centers have passive heat sinks and are designed for dedicated airflow tunnel cooling where airflow is directed straight to the heat sink of a Tesla card to maximize cooling efficiency. These Tesla cards are recommended strictly for the server use.



k80 K20X
Peak double precision floating point performance 2.91 Tflops 1.43 Tflops 
Peak single precision floating point performance 8.74 Tflops 4.29 Tflops
Memory bandwidth 480 GB/sec
(2x 240 GB/sec)
388 GB/sec 
Memory size (GDDR5) 24 GB
(2x 12GB)
12 GB
CUDA cores 4,992
(2 x 2,496)
Core clock speed  560MHz 745MHz
Boost clock speed
NEW Feature!
Have 10+ levels:
From 560MHz to 875MHz
finer granularity
between levels
Have 3 levels:
745MHz, 810MHZ
and 875MHz
Architecture Kepler Kepler
Power Consumption 300W TDP 235W TDP

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