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Sunday28 February 2021

NovaSTACK Tech Specs

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Number of Workspaces


Usually use highly graphics demanding apps (medium to large models) such as 3ds Max, Maya, Inventor, Adobe CS6 family, SolidWorks Pro and Premium, SolidWorks Flow Simulation, Vizrt and others

Power users

Usually use graphics demanding apps (small to medium models) such as AutoCAD, Revit, SketchUp, AVEVA Marine, Cinema 4D and others

Knowledge Workers

Usually use MS Office apps and entry-level 2D and 3D apps, regularly accesses email and the internet

per Workspace

virtual CPU cores
Intel Xeon E5 with 20MB
L3 cache and Turbo Boost up to 3.4GHz

virtual CPU cores
Intel Xeon E5 with 20MB 
L3 cache and Turbo Boost up to 3.4GHz

virtual CPU cores
Intel Xeon E5 with 20MB 
L3 cache and Turbo Boost up to 3.4GHz

per Workspace

1866MHz DDR3 ECC memory

1866MHz DDR3 ECC memory

1866MHz DDR3 ECC memory

per Workspace

with 4GB of GDDR5


with 1GB of GDDR5


with 256MB of GDDR5 VRAM

per Workspace

harvey-ball-full harvey-ball-half harvey-ball-quarter

GPU acceleration
per Workspace

tick-yes tick-yes tick-yes

NVIDIA apps certification

tick-yes tick-yes tick-no

CUDA / OpenCL acceleration
per Workspace

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Features | Tech Specs 

Virtualized 3D Workstations

NovaSTACK is a cluster of virtual workstations that sits in your server room or datacenter and runs your 3D-intensive applications remotely. By providing a remote access to graphics-intensive applications, NovaSTACK increases productivity by opening up more possibilities for designers and simplifying IT setups and maintenance. 

novastack2 Work from anywhere,
on any device

It does not matter whether you use Mac, PC or Linux client device to connect to NovaSTACK – designers only see the pixels that are generated remotely by the NovaSTACK and transmitted to the client devices through the network. This gives you a possibility not only to work remotely, but also to use any device of your choice for work.

Centralize and simplify
IT management

What if you have tens of workstations with different architectures? What if they were purchased over the last 5 years from different vendors with multiple operation systems and versions of software apps? The software maintenance is a nightmare here. What if you could put that into cloud and manage all you workstations by maintaining only one single Master Template and applying it to all your workstations? Well, it has just become a reality! 

 shutterstock 100605349 - Copy
shutterstock 125411825 - Copy Keep your virtualized workstations and data
in one place

NovaSTACK represents the technology that is changing the World and the way we look at computing. It enables the new architectures of the enterprise where the data is actually in the server, we do computing in the server, and we send you the graphics results so fast that you think that those results were generated by your local super workstation with powerful Quadro K5000 graphics card located right under your desk.  

Secure your data and IP

Your core IP, data files and applications are accessed remotely via a client device of your choice, thus your Data actually never leaves the server room. You can even lock USB ports of the client devices with NovaSTACK so your data is highly unlikely to be stolen or lost.

 shutterstock 114450190 - Copy
shutterstock 103569014 - Copy

Supports High Availability

NovaSTACK supports the High Availability (HA) in N+1 mode. HA provides uniform failover protection against hardware and operating system outages within your virtualized workstations deployment.

Improve your productivity

NovaSTACK makes IT managers and application users more efficient promoting faster high-quality work.
You can build teams based on abilities, not geographic location. You can also decrease your production costs by outsourcing project works to offshore contractors. You can instantly get new designers and offshore talents on-board to win “last-minute projects” and eliminate missed revenue opportunities. The possibilities are truly unlimited.



How it works
User's virtual workstation resides in the NovaSTACK visual computing appliance, which is typically installed in a computer room or data center and connected to the local area network. The user logs into his virtual workstation from anywhere and any device of his choice and works like he usually work on the local High-end workstation.



NovaSTACK integration services

NovaSTACK solution consists of several important building blocks, namely:

1. NovaStack appliance: V4006 / V4024 / V4048
Several appliances can be configured to act as a single appliance (with single image management, Active Directory, High Availability)

2. Network Storage
You can use your existing Network Attached Storage. If you do not have Network Storage in your LAN yet, we recommend to use NovaSTACK storage - High Availability dual controller storage system with SSD caching.

3. Client device 
You can use your existing client device of the choice to access your workplace on NovaSTACK. If you are planning a fresh setup or install new seats we recommend to use NovaSTACK thin client which supports up to 2560x1600 native resolution and dual monitors.

4. Networking equipment
By default NovaSTACK is using a 10Gb Ethernet connectivity, but can be upgraded to support 8/16Gbps Fibre Channel. You can use your existing 10GbE or 8/16Gbps FC network. If you are planning a fresh setup, we recommend to use NOVATTE CloudNet 1/10Gbit switches.


We will help you build a new setup or integrate NovaStack into your existing infrastructure
NOVATTE integration services cover such important deployment areas as:

  1. Workspace and storage requirements / sizing.
  2. Network layout review and recommendations.
  3. Consultation on and implementation of High Availability (HA) deployments.
  4. Thin client considerations / testing - NOVATTE specialists will help you choose the right client device and/or advise whether your existing laptops / desktops / other devices can be used to access NovaSSTACK appliance.
  5. Existing Active Directory (AD) integration. With integration into existing AD your users could continue using their usernames / passwords to access new workspaces.
  6. Existing or new DHCP server configuration for Workspaces and Thin clients.
  7. Workspace policy configuration: quality / bandwidth, USB lockdown and so on.
  8. NovaSTACK "Master template" preparation, installation of required applications and their initial testing.

Contact us today to arrange initial POC and to feel the power of professional NVIDIA graphics in the Cloud!

NovaSTACK Storage

NovaSTACK supports any vendor for Network Attached Storage. If you have an existing Network Attached Storage infrastructure in your organization, you can safely use it with the NovaSTACK.

For those organizations that just started to implement NovaSTACK and transfer its data into the private cloud, we at NOVATTE have developed an optimized Network Attached Storage that is perfectly matched with the NovaSTACK.

NovaSTACK Storage is a Network Attached Storage that is optimized to work with the NovaSTACK and is a great cost efficient alternative to HDS, HP, Dell and IBM storage systems.


- Active/active redundant-controller design
- Total 30TB of usable space (after RAID-6 and incl. hot-spare drive)
- Upgradable to 450TB of usablespace (with JBOD enclosures)
- SSD caching
- Dual Intel® Xeon® quad-core processors
- 2x 10GbE interface
- Hot-swappable dual redundant controllers, fan and power supplies


To ensure constant uptime and service stability, the NovaSTACK Storage has been thoroughly designed to operate with high data availability, including redundant controllers and power supplies. This redundant-controller design keeps data alive at all times, ensuring that the second controller can seamlessly take over operations if the primary controller goes down. Powered by the revolutionary ZFS, the NovaSTACK Storage ensures total data integrity with hierarchical checksum and corrupt data self-healing, while Snapshot enable users to quickly restore data only in seconds.


The snapshot feature available on the NovaSTACK Storage can be used to protect shared folders, iSCSI volumes and system settings. NovaSTACK Storage supports an unlimited number of snapshots at intervals as short as 10 minutes. In addition, users can automate processes including snapshot creation and pruning. Snapshots will be automatically removed when they reach thresholds in terms of total number of snapshots or retention period.


Media scan is designed to constantly check the integrity of disks and perform automatic rebuilding and repairs when errors are detected. This feature allows you to quickly scan used data, instead of all stored media. Similarly, scanning can be setup to prioritize data by importance or access frequency. These options save you time when checking for data integrity, while working with nearly no impact on performance. Additionally, you may schedule media scan for bi-weekly or monthly intervals.


The NovaSTACK Storage is designed for easy and extensive expandability and scalability: the JBOD enclosures adds terabytes of capacity to storage arrays with just a single high speed 6Gb/s SAS connection.

The SAS interface delivers the industry’s highest transfer rates, and ensures enterprise-level performance with ample bandwidth between the main NovaSTACK Storage unit and the JBOD enclosure, eliminating latency and bottlenecks. You can connect multiple enclosures to your NovaSTACK Storage, scaling capacity as needed.


System management for NovaSTACK Storage is easy. With step-by step wizards, a user-friendly, wed-based GUI helps you easily access all frequently-used features via shortcuts. The real time system with dashboard feature helps you monitor real-time system status, and if there is any potential purposed events occurred, the instant notification via SNMP traps, and e-mail alerts will pass to you at the same time. You could also find the comprehensive event log, to track your online behavior.

Capacity - 30TB usable capacity, scalable to 450TB
- After RAID-6 and hot-spare drive
Connectivity - 2x 10GbE SFP+
Data protection - Redundant controllers
- S.M.A.R.T. support
- Snapshots (optional)
Security - HTTPS connection
- Encrypted remote replication (rsync over 128-bit SSH)
- CHAP authentication for iSCSI volumes
- AES256-bit Encryption
System management - Start-up wizard
- Web-based GUI
- Real-time system monitoring
- Configurable alerts
Power - 750W redundant power supplies
Dimensions - 3U, 19-inch rackmount
- 13.2 x 65 x 44.6 cm

NovaSTACK Client


NovaSTACK Client is a desktop thin client that is used to access your remote NovaSTACK Workspace over a standard IP network. 



- Support screen resolution up to 2560x1600
- Support up to 2 monitors  
- Plug-and-play
- Workspace locally rendered mouse  
- Ultra low power and silent design

Support dual professional 30” monitors with native 2560x1600 resolution.


NovaSTACK Client only displays the application being run on NovaSTACK, all the images, designs and data files are accesses and stored on the network storage, never leaving the server room, and thus are extremely unlikely to be stolen or lost. NovaSTACK administrator has a full control over the Client’s USB ports and can easily block them for all or specific users. 


Switch it on, key in username and password and start working
Can be attached to LAN or work wirelessly


Video resolution

- up to 2560x1600
- dual monitor support

Display ports

- One Mini HDMI 1.4a port
- One Mini DisplayPort 1.2


- 1x 10/100/1000 Ethernet RJ-45
- Optional: 802.11 a/g/n Dual-Band WiFi adapter


- 4x Super Hi-Speed USB 3.0 ports (2x Front, 2x rear)
- 1x RJ-45 100/1000 Mbps Ethernet
- 1 x 3.5mm audio jack


- 8-channel (7.1) digital audio via one HDMI 1.4a or Mini Display 1.2 port
- Stereo analog audio jack (microphone in/headphone out/speaker out)


- 30w or less


- 11.2 x 11.7 x 3.5 cm


JA Minisite

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